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 SAP made SAP UI5, the SAP-licensed version of the toolkit, in February 2012. We were early adopters and a month or two later. Since then, we have been at the forefront of the UI5 revolution, working alongside SAP to develop the toolkit. A SAP UI5 (from now on UI5) is a whole different world. The purpose of falls into the “New” part of the strategy; it aims to build new applications.

The non sap app or sap application when compared with SAP UI5 then it has more benefits comparatively. The main thing that makes them better is their smooth working and their basic principle to make the software compatible with any device. Its easily possible to convert your SAP app or non sap app in tom sap fiori or sap UI5. SAP or non SAP are not embedded with HTML5 and other Java library which are included in both the sap fiori and UI5. The conversions require absolute understanding of the old system and then alter it into the new technology. This also includes knowledge of HTML5, Java library and MVC architecture that are the necessity to generate an SAP fiori or UI5 application.

Happy users Foster innovation Build on standards
Efficiency and Performance Unmatched Extensibility Enterprise Readiness
Cutting-Edge Controls Timeless SAP Data Consumption Openness and Flexibility
Any Screen on Any Device Productivity Services Eclipse-Based Design time
Efficiency and Performance Fast Cross-Platform Release Cycles Great Productivity