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It’s not a secret that everyone wants a great user experience. SAP Fiori provides a great user experience (UX) for SAP software. It comprises hundreds of intuitive apps as well as a set of user experience design guidelines. SAP Fiori delivers a role-based, consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices. Use SAP Fiori apps, SAP Fiori Apps Development, or take advantage of new solutions that natively incorporate the UX. The apps are made with high accuracy and efficiency to effectively correlate all the units in the company.

At VSD we offer SAP-qualified rapid deployment solution (RDS) for SAP Fiori includes the new SAP Fiori apps and enables the implementation of SAP Net Weaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and one or more Fiori apps for full productive purposes in a fixed time and fixed price. Our apps are very simple and user friendly. The SAP Fiori apps, Fiori App Development are of three types

  • Transactional apps: which allow users to perform SAP transactions on mobile devices as well as desktops. For instance, there is a transactional app for creating a leave of absence request and another for approving a purchase order.
  •  Fact sheets : which display information about key business objects in SAP. For example, there is a fact-sheet app for viewing a central purchase contract; it allows users to also drill down into related entities, such as vendor contacts, items under contract, and terms.
  • Analytical apps: which allow users to display key performance measures and other aggregate information about the business

The apps are developed by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The developed applications are accessible on all kind of devices i.e. laptop, mobile, tablet, desktop. As one of the best SAP Fiori app development company VSD helps you manage & run your Fiori apps for SAP business Suite in your own data center with complete flexibility in installation, configuration and customization.